Ghana HR Solutions Payroll Services

Ghana HR Solutions provides full Payroll Services for the benefit of our clients. Our payroll services is designed for the small to medium organisation that do not have the means to run full functional Human Resource and Accounts department. We also work with organisation that are only in the country for a short term projects and thus need to honor their duties as Employers.

Ghana HR Solutions will handle your entire payroll by providing the following:

  • Set up Payroll database
  • Prepare and submit monthly payroll report for approval based on inputs received.
  • Work to issue Bank Transfer advice to all paying banks, once client authorizes payment of salaries to staff
  • Prepare and advise clients, monthly, on their statutory obligations in terms of payments and other deductions i.e. Pay as you Earn, Social Security Contributions and Staff Provident Fund Contributions.
  • Provide Pay Slips For All Staff
  • Resolve All Pay Roll Queries On A Monthly Basis.
  • We Can Even Place Employees On Ghana HR Solutions System And Manage Them As Staff On A Client's Behalf If You Are Not Legally Registered As An Entity In Ghana.


Our Payroll service helps save a lot of your precious time that you can use to focus on more important value-adding and revenue-generating functions. We give you access to most advanced technology and domain expertise, helping you avoid problematic situations like correct tax computation, thus minimizing errors and delays.
We use the latest software for computation and tax calculations ensuring that your employee data is accurate and protected.
We help you reduce payroll costs and financial risks that can arise due to inaccurate tax filing resulting in tax penalties and save you the hassle of dealing directly with the statutory bodies.


  • Tailor payroll solutions to client’s needs
  • Client will have to make input by providing accurate and timely inputs for processing.
  • What we will expect from clients
    • Full name of Employees
    • Monthly Gross Salary
    • All benefits Payable
    • All benefits in Kind i.e. accommodation, rent element, car element
    • Duration of employment, Start Date
    • Terms of Termination
    • Working hours
    • Any other terms and/or conditions as stipulated in employee contract and handbook.
    • Employee Bank details
      • Name of Bank
      • Name of Branch and Town
      • Account Name
      • Account Number
      • SSNIT (Social Security) Contribution Number
  • Regular written notifications of amendments to standing data required for each month’s payroll (eg. Salary Adjustments, new engagements, resignations, terminations etc.

We shall set up the various tasks to be performed and its related dates to be completed based on our initial understanding of the assignment.