Recruitment Agency

Our recruitment process utilizes an advanced search and filter system which finds qualified candidates to match your needs.

We deliver HR outsourcing services through an integrated technology

Ghana HR Solutions is a RECRUITMENT AGENCY with an objective to partner our clients by providing quality personnel at the right time to enable them meet their recruitment and staffing needs.

At GHRS we understand the importance of recruiting talented people for your organisation. We therefore provide you with strategic options that are specifically designed to address your needs. Our approach ensures that we search for excellence and deliver dynamic qualified, multi-talented candidates who are capable of immediately making an impact.


Our strength is helping our clients identify, hire and build their teams with talent not readily available through job boards and career fairs, which means that we have a huge DATABASE at our disposal, coupled with a Team of highly seasoned Recruiters which makes it possible for us to cater to any of your JOB ORDERS, however complex they might be.

We balance our recruitment services with an effective screening system and conduct a post-hire follow up to ensure that our candidates meet your needs.Our services are designed to take the stress out of recruitment, providing you with end to end solutions that gives you value for money.

Our specialty is partnering organisations and other recruitment agencies who do not have a presence here in West Africa.


  • Full Ghana HR resume database search for suitable candidates.
  • Arranging to have adverts on all relevant job boards.
  • Arranging for newspaper Adverts (If needed)
  • Arranging for a location to conduct all interviews.
  • Work to develop a comprehensive Job Description that capture role requirement and candidate skill set.
  • Scheduling of candidates to be available for all interviews (Includes final interviews by clients).
  • Reference checking to verify candidates claims.
  • Coordination of Job offer and acceptance
  • Screening of candidates through face to face interviews to create a shortlist before referral.