GHR Solutions Salary Bench Marking

Giving you a complete break down of the compensation package, allowing you to compare salary and benefits available within specific sectors and named companies.

Salary Bench-Marking

Ghana HR Solutions can provide a comprehensive salary benchmark, that is aligned to prevailing market rates, that will be viewed as fair by all stakeholders, tailored to your organisation’s own specific needs.

When you are starting a project in a new country, there are many things to consider. If you want to hire local people to fill your new vacancies, it is vital that you take time to benchmark salaries first in the new country and then use as a guideline for recruitment and salary negotiation. The best way to work out what you should be paying your employees is to benchmark with other companies that offer a similar service.

Using our research tools we will benchmark salaries against other organisations playing within the same industries. Our results and recommendation takes cognizance of the importance of each role in the organisation ensuring that role duties and requirements are captured effectively and to align salary levels with the prevailing market rates.

Overall, we seek to benchmark salaries that will positively affect employee behaviour, that is perceived as fair, competitive within the market and particularly easy to understand.