Staff Management Services

We are experts in onsite contingent workforce management that help you save time and money.

We have the capacity and the technical know-how to manage temporary and permanent staff through an effective system off-site via our tried tested staff management system. Our role will be to provide full employee management and administrative services for your benefit.

Ghana HR Solutions will handle your entire payroll by providing the following:
  • Place selected Employee on GHR database and manage from GHR offices.
  • Issue employees offer letters indicating that they work for Ghana HR and are on an outsource arrangement.
  • Keep employee files and manage employee issues from our office.
  • Work to ensure that all staff issues are well within stipulated relevant laws.

  • Prepare and submit monthly payroll report for approval based on inputs for the month.
  • Address all employee grievances and participate to whatever degree in aiding employees seek redress.
  • And many more...


Ghana HR Solutions handles different workers from different industries across the length and breadth of Ghana.

We have two staff management approaches: One where we engage them fully under Ghana HR banner and manage them, and then other where we do the leg work on your behalf using your employer details lodged with the statutory organisations.

We can also recruit and manage staff on your behalf.

All of these will be discussed and tailored according to your specific needs. Talk to us and get full details and quotation on our employee management service.