Training Development

For Ghana HR, Training is not what is ultimately important, performance is. We run both in-house and open house courses. Reach out to us for course synopsis.

We understand the importance of training

At GHR we understand the importance of Training. We believe that well trained employees are very crucial to the survival of your organisation. We however appreciate the fact that organisations are constantly faced with financial challenges- balancing between budget friendly decisions and motivating your employees through effective training (Costly). That is why at GHR we offer cutting edge value for money Training and Development services, designed to address your peculiar needs and cater to your deficiencies.

GHR training services help organisations develop their most important asset: their people. We offer highly effective training courses, run by our highly experienced and reputable facilitators. Our training courses are interactive, fun filled, and stimulate discussions and ideas.


Our courses begin with a needs assessment, by which we try to uncover the mostcomplex needs and try to identify the crucial business skill that is holding a particular business back. (Contact us for a free Training Needs Assessment for your organisation) We run In-House and Open-House training courses. Our open house courses address everyday business issues like Good Customer Service Skills, Teamwork Skills, Time Management Skills, Corporate Cultural issues, among others. We also organise corporate events like workshops, conferences, Business Summits and many more (Check our events Calendar for more information).

We specialise in:

Inductions Training and Employee Handbook Design

Occupational Health and Safety Courses

Security and Man Guarding Courses

What we value most as a firm is the feedback we get from our clients/participants. We conduct comprehensive course evaluation after every course/session, to make sure that our courses make the right impact as we intended it to. --
  • Lectures
  • Individual/Group Presentations
  • Group Case Studies
  • Exercises
  • Role Plays
  • Individual Activities
  • Group Activities
  • Discussion
  • Questionnaires
  • Video/Audio Tapes


  • Selling Skills
    Presentation Skills
    Call Center Training
    Pricing Strategy
    Customer Relations
  • Office Management
    Administrative Skills
    Essential Skills for the Proactive Receptionist
    Presenting like a Pro
    Office Management
  • Effective Communication Skills
    Time Management Skills
    Personal Grooming Skills
    Presenting Like A Pro
    Managing Stress
    Speaking in Public
    Networking-Business Connections that work
    Teamwork Skills
      • Performance Management
      • Business Succession Planning
      • Recruitment- Finding and Keeping The Right People
      • Customer Service
      • Team  Building
      • Effective Leadership Skills
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Employee Retention 
      • Change and Develop
      • Organisation Culture

  • Negotiation Skills
    Effective Leadership Skills
    Effective Delegation Budget Control
    Managing Diverse Employees
    Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Occupational Health and Safety
    Succession Planning
    Organizational Strategy Formulation and Implementation
    Induction and Employee Handbook
    Starting and Managing Small Businesses- An Insight 
    Networking: Business Connection that work
  • Accounting for the Non Accounts Manager
    Risk Management
    Loan Management